Isolated Illustration from the 2022 Seneca Illustration grad show poster.                                                Digital 2022

Jelly Land, 2022 Digital by Rory Luckett. A dinosaur like creature rests within an anemone like field. The blob like tendrils reach up to the sky in thick wavy arms. The ground beneath these tendrils glows and soft white orbs rise out from it, illuminating the creature and the plants
Jelly Land
2022 Digital

Beginnings of Evolution, 2022 by Rory Luckett. A small orange creature suspended in water sprouts legs to begin his journey to the surface. He is surrounded by cellular ocean life and fish.
Beginnings of Evolution
2022 Digital

Reader, 2021 by Rory Luckett. An illustration depicting a red demon wearing a green turtleneck sweater reading a book. Despite this description, he seems friendly and happy.
2021 Digital

Dinosaur Scene 2021 by Rory Lucket. A colourful and busy scene depicting various fictional depictions of dinosaurs. a volcano erupts in the background. In the foreground water dinosaurs enjoy a swim. There is a hidden human child hiding among the foliage.
Dinosaur Scene
2021 Digital
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